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The Sultan Suites represent a boutique hotel within a Condominium Resort located on Miami Beach at the Casablanca Hotel West Tower. In 2018 after a long and costly legal battle between the Schecher Group Vs delinquent condo owners who refused to pay their maintenance fees along with one very crazy Condo President, the Schecher Group was victorious in ending the madness and turmoil that destroyed the condo investments for the majority of all Sixty Sixty condo owners who purchased hotel units at the Sixty Sixty on the more traditional whole ownership basis. 


In mid 2018, after the court victory and foreclosure trials, the Schecher Group elected to upgrade all guest amenities and services at both the Casablanca East and West Towers and began the process of rebranding the Sixty Sixty Condominium Resort into the Casablanca West Tower which included  transforming a select number of  renovated hotel rooms into the Sultan Suites.  Each Sultan Suites is unique and a step above most hotel rooms in the same building as well as the neighboring hotel properties.  Every Sultan Suite has sliding glass doors that lead to a private balcony complete with million dollar views. 


In 2019, the Sultan Suites have newly renovated "everything" including modified bathrooms and kitchenettes and most have a 65 inch smart television as part of the Suite Package where wall space allows while others have more traditional TVs with additional windows with views that are priceless.  Yes, from the floor to the ceiling the new Sultan Suites are nothing like the rooms that once existed at the Sixty Sixty and with the introduction of the new purchase option of "Fractional Ownership" all the problems that destroyed the "Whole Ownership" investment of the prior condo owners have been eliminated making the Sultan Suites one of the best and most affordable real estate investments on Miami Beach today 






There were  lessons to be learned from the history of the Sixty Sixty Condominium Association and the problems associated with condo owners who purchased their condo without reading the Condominium Declarations or understanding and accepting the fact that condo ownership comes with the responsibility to follow the Condominium Declarations which govern the property and this is the main reason or motivation as to why the Schecher Group chose to implement the Sultan Fractional Ownership Program Vs selling the units on the more traditional "whole ownership" basis as in the past. 


Fractional Condo Ownership is not only affordable,  it allows the condo owner to pay only for the time the Owner actually occupy his or her condo and when not in use, the Sultan Suite pays for itself as part of the Casablanca Hotel Rental Program. 

Many vacation condo owners live outside Florida or outside of the country with limited time to enjoy their Miami Beach vacation condo mostly due to pressures from work as well as other factors that limit the use of their real estate investment making fractional ownership of a Sultan Suite the most logical and affordable option for anyone with limited time and a desire to cut ownership costs by almost 90% per year. Both Logic & Math say fractional ownership is the best option for anyone with a limited amount of time and a desire to keep the cost of vacation home ownership to a minimum. 

Fractional Ownership of a Sultan Suite has many benefits compared to the more traditional form of ownership including but not limited to: (1) Lower Purchase Price- your acquisition cost is below $100,000 compared to traditional condo purchases with purchase prices ranging from $250,000 and above. (2) Lower Annual Ownership Costs - your annual ownership costs associated with a fractional Sultan Suite is less than one-twelfth (1/12) of the cost of traditional whole ownership and with the fractional ownership of a Sultan Suite your first two years of ownership costs are fixed and guaranteed. (3) Rental Revenue - your fractional ownership of a Sultan Suite gives you the opportunity to earn exceptional rental revenue though the Hotel when you are not in residence or when your Sultan Suite is not booked by you for family & friends.  The revenue generated by the Hotel can not only offset your cost of annual ownership and unlike traditional condo ownership your Sultan Suite rental revenue should actually exceed the annual cost of ownership.

Your Sultan Suite can work for you earning exceptional rental income

The Sultan Suites are the first choice for buyers as well as vacation travelers seeking affordable luxury on Miami Beach. In today's world tourists appreciate getting a "bang" for their "buck".  The online reviews from Sultan Suite guests are favorable on all Social Media Postings mostly because every Sultan Suite has been totally renovated with options other neighboring hotel rooms simply don't have or offer. All Sultan Suite Owners & Guests enjoy access to the new TOP of the SIXTY Sultan's Club where they can relax and enjoy the daily sunset in one of the many conversation seating groups complete with a fire pit or at the rooftop lounge where sunsets are spectacular.

We invite you to call toll free (888) 453-5666 or locally (954) 483-4987 to schedule a tour of our property and discover the many benefits of fractional ownership of a Miami Beach Sultan Suite.


Casablanca on the Ocean

West Tower 

6345 Collins Avenue
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Casablanca on the Ocean



TOP of the SIXTY

Sultan's Club

Casablanca on the Ocean 
West Tower 

Our guests enjoy access to the Sultan's Club located on the Penthouse Floor of the West Tower

Casablanca Sultan Suites


From the moment you first arrive at the Casablanca on the Ocean\Sultan whether by car, taxi, uber, or by the Sultan's VIP airport and cruise port shuttle you are treated with flying carpet service where you will enjoy all the amenities as a Sultan's guest on Miami Beach.

As a Sultan Guest you will enjoy complimentary breakfast at the Sultan's Breakfast Club Oceanside and after breakfast you can relax around the Casablanca's oceanside pool or enjoy the world famous Miami Beach in your own complimentary Sultan's beach chair and umbrella


The magic carpet is real for the Sultan Guests and it comes in the form of an in-suite amenity where you can order room service from several local restaurants and have it delivered to your suite where you can enjoy casual dining right in your room or on the patio with it's priceless breathtaking views 

The Sultan's Deck is currently under construction Oceanside where our guests will enjoy the absolute best Pool Deck on Miami Beach and the new TOP of the SIXTY Sultan's Club is set for its Grand Opening in June 2018.

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