In the Sultan Discovery Kit, you will learn


  • The benefits of Fractional Ownership

  • Why Fractional Ownership is for you

  • Condo Ownership Cost Analysis & Review


What is SG Resorts | Sultan Suites ?


Located on the world famous Miami Beach the Sultan Suites are located in the SIxty Sixty Resort Condominium now branded as the Casablanca West Tower and part of Miami Beach’s Casablanca Hotel with its historic Sultans who have been standing guard at the entrance overlooking Collins Avenue since the 1950s. The Sultan Suites are newly renovated hotel rooms being offered for sale on a “Fractional” basis allowing buyers a more affordable ownership option with fixed and affordable annual ownership costs compared to the more traditional form of “whole” ownership of vacation condos on Miami Beach.


SG Resorts is a travel & vacation club where members enjoy below wholesale rates at more than 5,000 resorts worldwide in over 100 countries and unlike Timeshare Ownership, SG Resorts Membership allows you enjoy all of the benefits of Timeshare Ownership without paying a single penny in Timeshare costs.


Why Sultan Suites and SG Resorts?


If your desire to own a vacation condo on Miami Beach seems beyond your budget, the Sultan Suites offer an affordable option with a lower purchase price along with a fixed guaranteed cost of annual ownership.


If your objective is to own a vacation condo on Miami Beach with ocean & beach access at a price previously believed impossible you will be pleasantly surprised when you learn about the fractional ownership option offering you an annual cost of ownership that is not only affordable and within most budgets but also offers a guaranteed annual ownership cost that is fixed for the first five (5) years of ownership. The Sultan Suites located in the Casablanca West Tower should be your first choice and only choice for a vacation condo on Miami Beach.


What makes the Sultan Suites unique?


Unlike traditional condo ownership on Miami Beach were most vacation condo owners spend, on average, one month per year in their condo while paying a full twelve months of ownership, ownership of a Fractional Sultan Suite allows you to pay a fraction of the annual ownership costs corresponding to the time you own and actually use your vacation condo.


The major complaints of many, if not most, traditional vacation condo owners include: (i) they are unable to earn enough in monthly rental revenue to offset their cost of ownership. (i) the City of Miami Beach has some of the toughest Ordinances for transient rentals which often makes it impossible for many vacation condo owners to rent their residential condo on a transient basis. (iii) monthly maintenance fees & taxes keep increasing along with "special assessments" needed to maintain the Condo.


Sultan Suite Ownership allows you to start living and vacationing the way you have always wanted. When you purchase a Sultan Suite you enjoy a much lower purchase price (Upfront Cost) and your cost of annual ownership is fixed and below $1,000  compared to traditional condo ownership where your annual cost of ownership is in the tens of thousands covering ownership costs such as taxes, insurance, maintenance, association dues, and more making it next to impossible to earn enough in transient rentals to offset your ownership costs.