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As an owner of a Sultan Suite on Miami Beach you are now eligible for the Sultan's Discount of  ( 10% ) off the purchase of your second Fractional Vacation Home at any property listed in the SG Resorts Portfolio of Vacation properties. Understanding the Key Benefits of Fractional Ownership allows you to stretch your buying dollars to acquire more than just one vacation property as well as vacation properties with higher asset values.  Your real estate portfolio can included assets on Miami Beach, The Bahamas, The Dominican Republic and each will give you the ability to use your assets in a Global Exchange Program as a Platinum Member of the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club.  Your portfilio value will increase as the value of the real estate assets increase, your income from the properties will offset your annual ownership costs, and the value of your vacation real estate portfolio will diversify your real estate investments Vs just one single vacation property of lesser value. Fractional Ownership allows for diversification at the same time it allows you to acquire higher valued assests or an interest in higher valued assets. 


Upgrade your "Lifestyle" and increase your real estate portfolio with a second vacation home. Why own just one vacation home when you can own several on a fractional basis for the price of one "traditional" vacation home. We make your budget work for you in ways you can only dream about. 

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Hacienda Del Rey

Priced From $150,000

Featured on MTV, Hacienda Del Rey  (Home of the King) is a 2.5 acre private estate home located above the town of Sosua in the exclusive mountain community of Haciendas El Choco.  Hacienda Del Rey has four (4) master suites all with marble ensuite baths.  The Grand Master is located on the second floor with a sky bridge leading to the King's Master over the Grand Entrance of the home. Hacienda Del Rey has two kitchens and two living rooms, one inside & one outside.  The inside kitchen is a Chef's dream, a true gourmet kitchen while the one downstairs and outside overlooking the pool area is a more traditional island style kitchen designed for casual entertaining of guests. Hacienda Del Rey is truly a one of a kind property with many features and amenities not available in most vacation homes.  You are invited to schedule a tour to visit and see for yourself the many benefits and cost savings available to you as an fractional owner of this beautiful estate home.  Hacienda Del Rey is part of the SG Resorts International's BOOK & BUY Program allowing you to book a month to "test live" your dream and if the property passes your test the rental price will be applied to your purchase price which starts at $250,000 for this multi-million dollar walled estate located in Paradise most call the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. 


Priced From $89,900

WatermarK sets the benchmark for affordable luxury living and now you can upgrade your "Lifestyle" with the purchase of your very own luxury two bedroom residence at the WatermarK.  Located on the number #2 Kitesurfing beach in the world (Kite Beach, Cabarete) Watermark is truly a dream come true and WatermarK is now within the budget of most vacation home buyers priced from $89,900 and set for Fractional Ownership Sales starting February 2019.  

Villa Lazy Heart

Straring at  $325,000

Villa Lazy Heart is a 10.5 acre oceanfront private estate located on the North Cost of the Dominican Republic and has been a popular vacation rental for movie stars, sports celebrities, and others who appreciate the finer things in life and demand something other than the "ordinary" when on vacation. Villa Lazy Heart is a multi-million dollar vacation home now available for fractional ownership starting as low as $325,000 complete with its own private horse stables, private beach, and ocean view tennis court. 

Villa Cabofino

Priced From  $225,000 

Villa Cabofino has been featured on Playboy TV in the past and today operates as an oceanfront boutique resort in addition to being available for private rentals ranging from $1,800 per night to over $3,000 per night depending upon the time of the year. Villa Cabofino is situated on  2.5 acres directly on the Atlantic Ocean on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and offers Fractional Buyers the opportunity to own their own multi-million dollar piece of paradise for as little as $225,500. Come visit and discover why many consider Villa Cabofino as one of the most magical places on earth. 

You don't have to be rich & famous to live like the Rich & Famous !

Fractional Ownership of a multi-million dollar vacation home has become the buyer's preferred choice when it comes to owning a vacation home in popular resort or vacation destinations.  Why pay a full twelve (12) months of ownership costs for a vacation home that you only use one month per year?  This becomes the number #1 question in the mind of every fractional buyer and the answer, in almost every case, becomes -"It's not logical and the smart buyer will avoid paying the full annual cost of ownership whenever possible and this is what  makes fractional ownership the most popular form of vacation ownership for foreign investors, buyers who have limited vacation time or time away from work, and buyers who just see the value and realize their buying budget can work for them when going "Fractional".

The Million Dollar Buyer will purchase and spend One Million Dollars on a vacation home.  The Fractional Buyer will purchase a Million Dollar Vacation home and pay on average $250,000 to enjoy the same Million Dollar Experience.  In addition to saving a ton of money when you go "Fractional" you will enjoy several other benefits and once you understand all of the benefits of fractional ownership you will probably never consider traditional ownership of a vacation property as an alternative for your real estate purchase. 

No Need To Spend Millions

Fractional Ownership offers you the opportunity to own something worth millions without having to spend millions and Fractional Ownership makes owning a vacation property more affordable and less expensive than the more traditional "whole" ownership model. Discover what the Meliniums already know and enjoy. It's the new way to purchase a vacation property using common sense, logic, and the new math that saves you a ton of money compared to the more traditional  "whole" ownership model used by your parents in the past.

Sea Horse Ranch

Villa Oceania

Villa #12 

Priced From  $125,000 

Comes With

Beach Club - Tennis Club - Equestrian Center - Oceanfront Pool - Cliffside Restaurant

Sea Horse Ranch is one of the most exclusive resort communities on the entire North Coast of the Dominican Republic where true resort living is a way of life for the owners who enjoy the many amenities this fantastic oceanfront resort community offers.  Now, there is no reason to spend millions to become a part of the Sea Horse Ranch elite group of villa owners. For as little as $125,00 USD you can live and enjoy the millionaire lifestyle enjoyed at Sea Horse Ranch. 
Sea Horse Ranch Villa #12 (Oceania) has its back gate open to the nature path that winds through   the gardens and grounds of Sea Horse Ranch and leads directly to a private beach, the community pool area, and the cliffside restaurant reserved for the owners & guests who live and vacation at Sea Horse Ranch.  Villa #12 (Oceania) has six (6) bedrooms including a mother-in-law suite as well as a maids quarters for the staff.  Currently available for sale starting at $125,000 with occupancy scheduled for mid 2020.
Get your reservation deposit of ten percent (10%) in today to reserve your fractional ownership in Seahorse Villa #12 or any of the other three (3) Sea Horse Ranch Villas in the SG Resorts Portfolio of vacation properties.

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The Schecher Group and SG Resorts International are experts in the Fractional Vacation Home Market with their unique Program of "Ownership + Membership" packaging fractional ownership of a vacation home with a global resort membership designed to increase the value of the vacation home by offering the buyer more than a good deal on owning his or her own vacation property with access to a global network of over 5,000 resorts worldwide in over 100 countries.

If you own a vacation property in a popular tourist destination you may want to contact the Schecher Group and SG Resorts International to discover how they can help promote, sell, and increase the value of your property by becoming a part of the Schecher Organization 

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