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Many people are not aware of the purchase or ownership option known as Fractional Ownership and most believe it is a version of timeshare, which it is not.

At the Casablanca West Tower buyers now have the opportunity to purchase a Sultan Suite on a Fractional basis and this makes perfect sense for the foreign investor or buyer with limited vacation time, limited funds, and a desire to avoid having to pay a full twelve (12) months of ownership expenses for a property that is used only about one (1) month per year. Fractional Ownership is a great alternative to the more traditional form of ownership when it comes to vacation properties.

Fractional Ownership allows the purchase of a real estate asset at a much lower purchase price Vs traditional ownership and Fractional Ownership generally CAPS the annual cost of ownership to a fixed dollar amount Vs traditional ownership that is more open ended.

At the Casablanca Hotel West Tower a Sultan Suite Owner enjoys a lower purchase price, currently from $59,900 Vs a purchase price of $250,000+ across the street at the Casablanca East. At the Casablanca West Sultan Suites the owner enjoys a fixed and guaranteed annual cost of ownership, currently set at $900 Vs across the street at the Casablanca East where owners pay almost 10X more in ownership costs which include but not limited to: (taxes, insurance, condo maintenance fees, condo assessment fees and much more).

By comparison the Casablanca Sultan Suite is the perfect real estate investment for the foreign investor with a budget below $90,000 who desires to own a vacation condo on Miami Beach.

Fractional Ownership has many benefits and I invite you to attend a Fractional Ownership Seminar at the Casablanca West to discover how you may benefit with the purchase of a Sultan Suite on a fractional basis. You will discover the difference and learn how you get in at a lower purchase price, maintain your ownership at a lower annual cost, and how you can actually rent your unit when not in use and earn enough rental income to offset your cost of annual ownership and put profits into your pocket.

Call (888) 453-5666 and schedule a tour of our property to see if Fractional Ownership is for you.


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