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Miami Beach Transient Rental Trap

If you are renting a condo or other vacation property on Miami Beach it would be wise to confirm your rental is a legal rental and this can be accomplished by logging onto the City of Miami Beach Website where you can enter the property address and or unit number of the condominium you are renting. The City's website will instantly tell you if the property owner is registered and legally permitted to rent you his or her property. This is a good first step to protect yourself from what has happened to many unsuspecting vacation travelers who believed they were renting their dream vacation only to discover their dream quickly turned into a nightmare.

It today's modern TECH World you can Google or ask Siri almost anything and if you GOOGLE the City of Miami Beach Code Enforcement against illegal transient rentals you will see article after article of how people were evicted from their rental unit because the owner did not have the required license or other requirements necessary to rent you his or her property. In many cases the property owners are laughing all the way to the bank where they deposit your rent check while you find yourself out on the street looking for another place to rent with less money in your pocket and no way to contact the property owner about a refund.

Many of the local news stations have participated in "Drive Alongs" with City Code Enforcement Officers where they capture on camera the dream vacation turn nightmare for many vacation renters who were scammed by landlords who refused to follow either their own Condominium Declarations that prohibit transient rentals or the City of Miami Beach Code restrictions on transient rentals. Regardless, in the end, it is you the renter who suffers.

Don't get caught up in the illegal transient rental scams taking place on Miami Beach and a word of extreme caution is DO NOT RENT from residential condo owners at the Casablanca Condominium for any reason. I say this for several reasons. First- Casablanca Residential Condo Owners are prohibited by their Condo Declarations from renting their condo units on a transient basis. Second- Those renting may have a license but they obtained their license using a "False Affidavit" that required them to swear, under penalty of perjury, that the Casablanca Condo Declarations allow them to rent on a transient basis. Lastly- many condo owners do not charge, collect, or pay the required sales and resort tax which is mandatory.

In 2019 the Casablanca Hotel Operator has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a group of Casablanca Condo Owners along with John Doe and Jane Doe Defendants and if you rented from one of these illegal transient rental operators you may just find yourself in court having to cover financial damages you had no clue would come and bite you in the butt. You thought you were saving money by not paying taxes, resort fees, or the mandatory parking fees - You were mislead and you may find yourself in court as one of the John Does or Jane Does listed in the lawsuit. The Hotel Operator has suffered MILLIONS in losses and it is not time to pay the Piper.

For more details you can visit: www.casablancacondorenters.com

Protect yourself and don't think your cheap rental was cheap because it may just come back and bite you in the butt or you may get that knock on the hotel room door and find yourself evicted by the CMB Code Compliance Officer. Caution-Caution-Caution - know who you are renting from and its always best to rent from one of the many fine hotels that are up and down the world famous Collins

Avenue. Avoid the illegal condo rentals taking place tonight at the Casablanca Hotel located at 6345 Collins Avenue.


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