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The Empty Nest - retirement living

The term empty nester has become popular as society changes with many couples finding themselves home with all the children grown and gone or away at college and soon to be gone. If you are approaching your "Golden Years" or you have parents that are approaching their "Golden Years" or already in their golden years of retirement you may want to consider alternatives to the traditional way of thinking and planning those Golden Years of retirement.

Consider you or your parents have worked most of your adult life to reach what many consider the "Golden Years" and now that you have arrived you find yourself faced with having to live on a fixed income during retirement. For many this is a big adjustment and the cost of everyday living may become stressful or even cause some of us to take part-time jobs to have that extra play money necessary to prevent lifestyle changes.

At SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club, LLC we have created a special program for the Empty Nesters. It is a program that offers our members a unique opportunity to truly enjoy their Golden Years in style. It is so simple in design that it works and it may be the perfect alternative for the Empty Nester who wants to live out his or her Golden Years in style.

This new Program allows you to sell your home and bank the cash for future use or just to leave to the kids when the time comes. This Program allows you to live in warmer climates when the temp drops and cooler climates when the temp goes up. By comparison, consider the Snowbirds who live in Florida during the cold Northern Winters or six months a year in Florida and six months a year at their primary residence. In fact, many Snowbirds purchase second or vacation homes to become true Snowbirds rather than just Snowflakes.

The new SG Resorts Program is titled: "Six Months Here - Six Months There" and it allows you to live six months in a warm climate during winter and six months in a cooler climate during the hot summer months. It allows you to avoid the ownership cost of paying for the double ownership of two homes, your primary residence and you vacation home. Bottom line, this new program allows you to stretch your fixed income over your Golden Years without any lifestyle sacrifices.

This exciting program will become something every Empty Nester with a desire to enjoy retirement will want to research and consider as an alternative to traditional retirement planning. It offers those living on a fixed income to make that fixed income work for them and in many cases allow them to live not only in a dream location but in a home that would otherwise be unaffordable. Yes for pennies on the dollar you can enjoy a true multi-million dollar lifestyle on a fixed income and you never have to worry about breaking the piggy bank.


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