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Before you invest in a Sultan Suite on Miami Beach or any other Fractional Purchase it is critical that you know what Fractional Ownership is all about. On this page we try to answer the most frequently asked questions by individuals not familiar with Fractional Ownership as related to our Sultan Suites Sales Program.  SG Resorts and the Schecher Group maintain a fantastic inventory of Fractional Vacation Properties which are now on sale.

What is Fractional Ownership ?


What is the difference between Fractional Ownership and Timeshare ?

What are the main differences between Fractional Ownership and Traditional Deeded Ownership?

Key Benefits of Fractional Ownership

Developer Message

Unlike the competition who offer discounted vacation packages if you agree to sit through a 90 minute presentation designed to pressure you into buying a timeshare.  We ARE NOT timeshare and we believe our product  sells itself based upon logic & math. We prefer to give you a GIFT upfront with no strings attached, no required presentations for you to attend, and no obligation to purchase anything. This approach to our business is what makes us the first choice of individuals who appreciate transparency and upfront honesty when conducting business.   We invite you to visit our Casablanca Sales Center and attend a short presentation about Fractional Ownership & Club Membership. 

 - Richard J.  Schecher, Sr. 

Sultan Owners 

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