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Now you can own a Sultan Suite located at the Casablanca West Tower on Miami Beach and enjoy all the benefits of "Fractional Ownership".  Fractional Ownership is the ownership option that seems to work "best" for anyone with limited time to enjoy their vacation condo or anyone who enjoys spending a month on Miami Beach when the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall. Fractional Ownership is a unique form of ownership and allows the individual who desires to own a vacation home the opportunity to own without the financial burden associated with the more traditional form of whole ownership. Fractional Owners pay only a "fraction" of traditional ownership costs and over any ten year period of ownership Fractional Owners save tons of money on annual ownership costs. 

Why Consider Fractional ?

When you consider the fact that most second home or vacation home owners only spend on average one (1) month per year at their vacation property yet are financially burdened with having to pay twelve (12) full months of ownership costs which include such expenses as: taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs, and other ownership related costs. Fractional Ownership seems more attractive and logical when you consider the lower upfront cost of ownership (The Purchase Price) which is also only a fraction of the traditional purchase price associated with the more traditional whole ownership.   


Simply put, you can purchase a residential condo on Miami Beach and pay $359,000+ with over $12,000+ in annual maintenance fees or you can purchase a "Fractional Share" in a Condo Hotel Unit at the Casablanca West Tower and pay only $39,900 and only  $900 in total annual maintenance fees (ownership costs).  Now take into consideration the fact that you will probably only use your condo unit one month out of the year, the Fractional Option becomes the "Logical Option" for the savvy buyer looking to get the most for his or her budget.  If you need more than one month, you can purchase a larger fractional share or you can purchase an entire condo unit starting as low as $235,000. 

Your buying decision is easy once you allow logic and math direct you to ownership of a Fractional Sultan Suite  at the Casablanca West Tower.  Fractional Ownership is the option of choice for individuals who have: limited time, a desire to save money, want to make a sound real estate investment that can generate income, and want to be on Miami Beach enjoying what many call the MAGIC CITY. 

Understanding the Basics of Fractional Ownership makes your buying decision an easy one


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Fractional Condo Ownership On Miami Beach

Vacation Condo Ownership on Miami Beach has  finally arrived making owning a Miami Beach Condo more affordable than ever before with the introduction of the Casablanca Sultan Suites.

Fractional Ownership of a Vacation Condo makes perfect mathematical sense when you consider the purchase price and the annual cost of ownership is far less than the more traditional "whole ownership" option where you end up paying for 12 months of ownership on a property that you only use about one month per year. 

Why pay for 12 months of ownership when your time restrictions and your job only permit you to get away, on average, about one month per year.  Logically, it would make better sense and be far less expensive if you could pay only for the time you actually enjoy and use your vacation condo and this is what happens with "Fractional Ownership".  You purchase and pay for an asset that you can sell at any time, just like the more traditional "whole ownership" but you only own and pay for the time you actually use your condo.  This saves you about 90% compared to what you would pay using the "Whole Ownership" purchase option. 

Unless you have tons of money, Fractional Ownership may be or should be your first choice when it comes to purcahseding a Miami Beach Vacaton Cond. 


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